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Title: Introduce Yourself
Pairing: CL/Yamapi
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Weird shit always happens to him when he comes to Korea. (800 words)
Notes: No excuses for my bad behavior; purely self indulgent. k_b: bondage and restraints. also kind of crack!porn

Yamapi didn’t expect to end up shackled in a weird basement while a blonde Korean woman with thigh-high boots whipped him with a riding crop, but weird shit always happens to him when he comes to Korea.

This is a better weird than being attacked by rabid fans. He thinks. He’s not sure yet, but the rub of the metal and leather shackles on his wrists is, so far, better.

She had told him her name, but Yamapi’s already forgotten it, even though he thinks she’s famous; he knows her face from somewhere. It had had an ‘L’ in it anyway, and he can’t say that letter; besides, her name might as well be ‘please’ because that’s the only word he’s said for an hour.

“So let’s start our English lesson again, shall we?” Please says, and Yamapi closes his eyes and nods. It’s uncomfortable to admit, but he hopes his manager doesn’t notice he’s missing tonight. He also hopes she doesn’t notice that his English is not nearly as bad as he pretends.

“Please,” Yamapi says, and she smacks his ass again.

Ryo would have a lot of shit to say about this, but Ryo isn’t here. That’s a good thing, because nothing ruins a good hard-on like Ryo Nishikido.

The sting of the riding crop is harsher this time, and it makes him jump.

“What’s your name?” She asks, in clear, unaccented English, and Yamapi had gone to a Gangnam club with Jae tonight to end up in school but man, maybe Yamapi wouldn’t have struggled so much through his economic major if all his lessons had been like this.

“My—“ It escapes him now, all those hours with his teacher and all that time travelling Route 66.

“Wrong,” she says, sounding delighted. Yamapi feels something cold between his asscheeks, and that’s new.

Well, not new, exactly, but it doesn’t usually happen when Yamapi is in bed with women.

And then her slim, manicured fingers are working him open, and Yamapi hisses and tugs against his restraints. “What-“

“What’s your name?” She asks again, her voice steady, even as she slides in a second finger and curls them. His ass, already sore from her leather toy, now stings inside and out as she bends, her knuckles digging into his walls.

“T-Tomo,” Yamapi answers, and that must be wrong too, because she pulls he fingers out and thrashes him again. Yamapi’s dick is so hard, and the friction of the sheets isn’t nearly enough. He wants to move, but he can’t; he’s pulled too tight, arms and legs bound four-corners, his captor on her knees above him. He likes the feel of her boots against his skin.

“One word answers are not polite,” she says crisply, and then something is sliding into him.

“Sorry,” he says, in slurred English, and she pats his bottom, and the thing inside him comes to life.

“What’s your name?”

Yamapi can’t even summon words as the vibrator buzzes inside of him, turned up too high to tolerate. He’s been hard and on edge for too long. He has no idea how long, but he can feel something low in his stomach coiling up tight and he knows he’s close.

“My name is-“ And then he’s coming, cock untouched, and it’s not embarrassing because it feels too good. His thighs clench and the bonds on his wrists and ankles hurt.

She slaps him again with the riding crop, and his skin is too sensitive. He yelps, and she seems to like that, petting his hair softly as he pants into the pillow underneath his head. The vibrator stops, but his body is still thrumming.

“Chaerin,” says a voice from the door, and Yamapi tries to turn his head to see her but his captor slips her fingers into his hair and pulls his head back instead. He likes that too, it turns out, and his cock slowly starts to harden again. He swallows. Cum is still cooling on his belly and on the sheet below him, and it’s gross but the stinging of his ass is just the right kind of distracting. “What did I tell you?”

He can feel the leather of her boot against his thigh. It’s sticky against his perspiration-slick skin.

“Not to kidnap stray idols?” His mistri-- Chaerin says, and the voice at the door releases a soft sigh. “Sorry Dara, He was so pretty. I couldn’t help myself. I meant to gag him but…”

“No, Chaerin. Not to use old costumes for sex games!”

She’s scratching her nails down his back now, hard enough to leave marks. That’s not good, considering Yamapi’s new concept is ‘Chip and Dale dancer’, but his cock doesn’t seem to mind.

“Well, I guess it’s too late now.”

“I’ll remember next time, eonni,” Chaerin purrs, and Yamapi hears the door close.

“Now,” Chaerin says. “Where were we?” She turns the vibrator on again, and Yamapi shudders.

“My name is Tomo,” Yamapi gasps, and smiles.

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