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Title: Implied Demands
Rating: Hard R?
Pairing: Changmin/Kyuhyun
Summary: Changmin’s always pulling the strings. (1.5k)
Warnings: wax-play, for the ‘genital torture’ square for k_b

Kyuhyun’s only half-sure how things ended up like this; in a sort of relationship with his best friend, who is kind of an asshole. “It would be nice,” Changmin had said, “if you were shirtless.” He hadn’t asked, because Changmin never asks, and he hadn’t demanded. He’d just implied, and Kyuhyun had buckled and folded beneath that implication, same as he always does, letting the air conditioner chill his nipples as Changmin had moved closer to fasten his mouth around the left one.

”This isn’t weird?” Kyuhyun had asked, and Changmin had snickered, and also hadn’t bothered to respond because they both knew he’d just say 'no, you’re weird' so it wasn’t worth pulling his mouth away from Kyuhyun’s pale chest.

Then they’d made out for two hours, Changmin pressing Kyuhyun back into the sofa as Kyuhyun had grasped for something, anything, to hold onto, and had ended up only finding the warm skin of Changmin’s back as Changmin had sucked red marks into his neck and along his jaw. His nails had dug in too hard, leaving scratches, but Changmin hadn’t seemed to mind.

After that, Changmin ignored his calls for the next week and Kyuhyun had wondered if he was going to have to take drastic measures. But Changmin had showed up at his place on a Friday night with a case of beer that they ultimately never even sipped, too busy winding their tongues together on the floor of Kyuhyun’s bedroom, trying not to make any noise as Changmin struggled to unbutton Kyuhyun’s trousers as Kyuhyun slapped at his hands.

”Sex between guys wouldn’t be so bad,” Changmin had said, a week later, when they were both sitting on Kyuhyun’s bed, flipping through magazines to distract Changmin from his haircut. The light brown suited him fine, but the cut was severe across his forehead, making him look almost like a cartoon. He knew Changmin didn’t like it by the set of his mouth; Changmin’s never been good at hiding what he feels. ”I’ve been thinking about it, and it wouldn’t be.”

“What are you even talking about?” Kyuhyun had said with a derisive snort, and then Changmin had pushed him back, and Kyuhyun had said ”yes” when Changmin had raised a single eyebrow, because Changmin always pulls the strings, and Kyuhyun’s done being embarrassed about that.

That’s how, Kyuhyun thinks, they’d ended up rutting atop Kyuhyun’s duvet, magazines spilling onto the floor as Changmin’s erection dug hot into Kyuhyun’s hip, and it was all Kyuhyun could do to keep the noise down as Chanmin bit his shoulder so hard he bled. ”Don’t leave marks,” Kyuhyun hissed, and Changmin had left another one just to be a bitch.

And maybe that’s how he ends up like this, wrists tied to Changmin’s headboard with ugly patterned ties, as Changmin carefully lifts the lighted candle. It’s been burning for a while, and the wide top is molten; Kyuhyun can see the pool of wax shifting as Changmin’s long fingers wrap confidently around it. Kyuhyun’s nervous, because he doesn’t know if he likes pain. He does know that he likes Changmin, though, and the way his eyes gleam in the candlelight. ”You’d probably like it,” Changmin had said yesterday, ”if you’d let me do it.”

Kyuhyun had agreed, on the condition of a safeword and a cup filled with ice on the dresser, because even if he can’t dance on stage, he dances perfectly well to Changmin’s whims.

“You trust me right?” Changmin’s hair is still terrible, and it's worse like this; frizzy from Kyuhyun’s hands and perspiration.

“No,” Kyuhyun says, but he says it with a smile. It’s a dumb question to ask when he’s already let Changmin tie him up and light the candle. Already let him lick and nip his way down Kyuhyun’s chest and take his cock into his mouth; let him use too much teeth because Changmin’s life is using too much teeth. So is Kyuhyun’s though, and that’s why they fit together so well.

The first drip of the wax on his inner thigh makes him yelp, and Changmin laughs delightly as Kyuhyun’s cock jumps. It doesn’t feel nice, Kyuhyun thinks. It stings, like when you accidentally touch the lip of the pot with your knuckles while eating instant ramen in the middle of the night. It tingles, too, like when you get a shot. But Kyuhyun also thinks he might like the way his skin turns red beneath the lavender wax, and the way Changmin’s chest heaves with his excited breaths. More wax, and this time it pools, three or four drops clinging together, spreading purple across flushed skin.

The next drop moves a little closer to Kyuhyun’s erection, which hasn’t faded despite his anxiousness. It burns against the skin, the thin hair offering only minimal protection. Changmin lowers the candle, and the wax burns hotter as it falls.

The first touch of hot wax against his skin there has Kyuhyun gasping, thighs trembling and eyes wide. He hadn’t expected it to feel like that—it’s good. More good than bad, and he can’t decide if it’s pleasure or pain. Changmin does it again, and the droplet of wax cools as it rolls down the shaft. “Changmin-“

“Shut up,” Changmin says, lip curling up with satisfaction even as his free hand finds Kyuhyun’s hip to hold him down. “I’ll lose my concentration.” He tips the candle further, letting a long line of wax fall, along the base of his cock and down his balls.

“You’re such a dick.”

“You like dicks,” Changmin says, and Kyuhyun’s not entirely sure that’s true, but then he feels Changmin’s through his jeans, rubbing against his lower right thigh, and the combination of that and the way the cooling wax pulls at his skin makes Kyuhyun impossibly hard.

“So do you.”

Changmin pours the wax one more time, along the underside, drawing lines along the vein there, and Kyuhyun bites his lip but it doesn’t stifle his moan. “I-“ He’s not sure if he wants to tell Changmin to stop or go.

“I knew you’d like it,” Changmin says.

“You knew you’d like it, you freak,” Kyuhyun responds, and then Changmin is licking up alongside the wax, and Kyuhyun doesn’t have any more words. His wrists ache, and the tiny almost-burns on his inner thighs are distracting but not distracting enough to keep his hips from bucking up toward Changmin’s smug, annoying mouth.

“You like what I like,” Changmin whispers against his stomach, and that, Kyuhyun thinks, is mostly true.

Changmin pulls back and blows out the candle, pouring the last of the wax on Kyuhyun’s belly, to the left of his cock, and a little bit burns at his tip, and he wants to scream. Changmin slides his way up Kyuhyun’s body attaches his mouth to Kyuhyun’s, and his thumb slides up the line of wax, and it all starts to come apart.

Kyuhyun doesn’t know how it happens, but Changmin is naked, and his cock is too tender for the slip of Changmin’s against it, but it feels to nice for him to care. He feels drawn too tight, his muscles tense and ready to spring. Even now, Changmin is pulling the strings, nudging Kyuhyun to move a little to the left with grunts and an insistent palm pressed flat to his ribs. When Kyuhyun follows the unspoken direction, it’s easier to get friction, and easier to feel the friction build up as the rock together.

He comes when Changmin reaches down and drags his nails along the pooled wax on his thigh, pulling at the irritated skin, and he can hear Changmin’s stuttering gasps as he comes against Kyuhyun’s hip.

Kyuhyun’s head is spinning. Now things hurt, and he winces as Changmin peels himself up and rolls over to the side. He rests his head on his palm, up on his elbow as he looks down at Kyuhyun. Normally, Kyuhyun would drag him down, (who do you think you are? It’s the Kyuline not the Choi-Kang-line.) but he feels languid and lazy.

“I read this thing about acupuncture,” Changmin says casually, as Kyhyun tries to catch his breath, tiny burns stinging and muscles tingling as he winds down. His come cools on his stomach, and Changmin eyes his handiwork with a fascinated gaze.

“You want to stick needles in my cock?” Kyuhyun glares at Changmin, and Changmin shrugs, the same way he does when anyone tries to chastise him for anything; like he gives zero fucks. But when he catches Kyuhyun’s gaze, his eyes are soft with self-satisfied amusement and a little bit of that implication.

Kyuhyun should probably ask more questions before he agrees, but he doesn’t.

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