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It's been a week, and there have been no accidents on stage. There were a few close calls at the Jakarta show, but Jongin had pulled through, managing to hold himself together until much later that night, in the shower, when he had washed the sweat from his skin and curled a hand around his aching erection. He had only stroked it twice before he came, and he’d been still shuddering from his release when the shower door had slid open, and Lu Han’s arms had wrapped around his waist.

Lu Han had then pressed his lips to Jongin’s wet shoulder as his hands stroked soothingly at Jongin’s tense belly. “Such a good boy,” Lu Han had said, breath hot against Jongin’s wet skin. He could barely hear Lu Han over the pounding water, but the timbre of Lu Han’s voice had made Jongin shudder nonetheless.

“I’m still not a dog,” Jongin had said.

“I’d still like to give you a treat for your excellent behavior,” Lu Han had replied, and his hands had fallen to Jongin’s hips and pulled him back, out of the spray, one of his hands going down to tease at Jongin’s balls.

When Lu Han had finally slipped that hand up to grip firmly at Jongin’s cock with a now familiar touch, Jongin had been ready to sign up for his collar and his leash.

Now, though, over the course of their separation, M in China as K promotes alone in Korea, Lu Han's helpful lessons still ring in his head, and Jongin somehow keeps his arousal—and the subsequent consequences—at bay; at least during rehearsals and performances. At night, though, he thinks about Lu Han's quiet commanding voice, and the deliberate press of Lu Han's hands, and he hardly has to touch himself before he's coming all over his sheets, Kyungsoo none the wiser in the bed next to his.

Tonight though, relief doesn’t come so easily. He’s come twice already, and he’s still hard. It’s like something is missing. Unbidden, the remembrance of Lu Han’s fingers stretching him open fills his mind.

He imagines, against his will, being stretched by something larger. Warmer.

Like Lu Han’s cock.

Oh, he thinks, as the image of Lu Han burying himself inside Jongin as he screams ‘harder!’ and ‘more!’ has Jongin coming a third time, harder than the first two times combined. I see.

It occurs to Jongin, when he wakes up in the morning feeling disgusting, covered in his own body fluids, that wanting to have Lu Han’s cock pounding into his ass is not incredibly heterosexual.

Granted, he’s not sure anything he’s been doing for the past two weeks has been very heterosexual, but it’s not like he’s had a wealth of options to choose from. He couldn’t have asked some woman off the streets to help him with his premature ejaculation problem. He knows Lu Han. He trusts Lu Han. Mostly.

And that time, with a dude, at the Calvin Klein afterparty...well, everyone experiments, and Jongin is young. Jongin can’t be tamed.

Only, wanting Lu Han to put his penis into Jongin’s butthole and make him beg for more...is probably going past the desire of ‘trying something new,’ and Jongin’s not entirely sure how he feels about that, beyond that would be so hot.

It’s not that being gay is something he’d be embarrassed about. It often feels like Jongin’s entire band is gay, even if Baekhyun and Chanyeol think they’re being discreet (although Chanyeol thinking he’s discreet when he moans like he’s a pornstar with a Batman voice emulator is rather ridiculous) and Kevin often steers Yixing away from spilling all their sexytime secrets through sheer obliviousness.

It’s just that Jongin had never considered himself gay, or bisexual, or interested in men, so it all feels rather sudden.

But when he closes his eyes, and gives himself a moment to clear his head, the desire is still there. Jongin wants Lu Han; wants to feel Lu Han shifting inside him, and he kinda, sorta, thinks Lu Han might just like that too.

“It won’t be the most mortifying thing you’ve ever said to Lu Han,” Jongin mumbles to himself as he gathers fresh underwear and a towel, walking out of his room toward the shower. “You can do this.”

“What, are you talking to yourself now?” Sehun cracks from the living room. “Are you giving your penis a pep talk?”

“The last thing Jongin’s dick needs is more ‘pep’.” Chanyeol’s voice cuts in over Sehun’s.

He can hear Chanyeol cackling over the sound of MTVAsia blasting, and Jongin would snap back—only, he’s standing in the hallway covered in his own semen, so he’s got more important things to do.

“One day,” Jongin mutters, as he walks into the bathroom and locks the door, “they’ll all pay.”

He doesn’t have a chance to catch Lu Han alone for a couple of days. That’s fine, because the longer it takes, the more Jongin tries to talk himself out of it, and the more he realises that he can’t.

He gets an opportunity when Zitao and Lu Han drop by EXO-K’s dorm on a Wednesday evening after a rehearsal. They’re going back to China, soon, and it’s strange to be rehearsing separately again. Jongin misses the heat of Lu Han’s eyes on him as they dance. But he’s getting that heat now, and Jongin figures it’s better here, in the safety of his dorm, than in front of their choreographers and manager, because Jongin can feel things, unsurprisingly, getting uncomfortably tight down below.

“Can I...talk to you?” Lu Han raises an eyebrow with curiosity, and Jongin flushes. “In private?” He’s about to gesture toward his room when he remembers that Kyungsoo is in there, reading. He flounders, and Lu Han takes pity on him.

“We can talk in my room,” Lu Han says, as Zitao squeezes in between Baekhyun and Sehun on the sofa and promptly clings to both of them. “I’m sure Zitao is fine left to his own devices.”

Jongin follows Lu Han outside, and all the way to EXO-M’s dorm. Lu Han enters the keycode and walks in silently, Jongin hot on his heels.

He hears Minseok laughing from Jongdae’s room, and Lu Han sighs. “Guess my room is empty.” He sounds...strange, almost hesitant.

“Yeah,” Jongin says quietly, heart in his throat.

Lu Han closes the door behind them, and then turns to face Jongin, face serious. “If it’s all too much for you,” Lu Han starts, “I can understand that. I know that my methods can be intense. We can stop, no hard feelings—” Lu Han, Jongin thinks, sounds resigned, but Jongin...well, that’s basically the opposite of what Jongin wants, and he wills himself to form words.

“No!” Lu Han blinks, and takes a step back at the force of Jongin’s denial. “That’s not—”

Lu Han’s face relaxes, and Jongin hadn’t realised how tense it was until the lines smooth away. “Then what did you want to talk about?”

Playful Lu Han is back, which puts Jongin on edge, as it always does, because he’s never quite sure what Lu Han’s going to do.

“So,” Jongin says, taking a deep breath. He looks Lu Han in the eyes. “I think I want you to fuck me,” he blurts. Jongin falters momentarily. “Like, not a lesson, but actually...fuck me.” Jongin wants to be clear, so he summons all the bravado he can muster. “Like, with your cock. Not a toy.”

Lu Han’s eyes widen in fleeting shock, before his tongue darts out again to find the corner of his lips. Jongin looks down at the ground, mortified at having admitted this. Maybe it’s a mistake. Jongin finds himself hesitating a lot more recently than he’d prefer to. It might just be his uncertainty with everything Lu Han does and everything Lu Han makes him feel—but he breathes a little easier when an index finger firmly pushes up on his chin, and Lu Han’s smiling.

There’s also...something in Lu Han’s eyes that makes Jongin feel strange, kind of like melting butter, and not in a sexy way, just in an...I want to hold your hand kind of way, which scares him a little. But that something in Lu Han’s eyes looks like want, and so Jongin hopes his request isn’t completely out of line.

He thinks back to the way Lu Han had refused to meet his eyes, back in the hotel, when Jongin had wanted to touch him, and he wonders if Lu Han has been thinking that this is all just lessons for Jongin, like Jongin’s been thinking it is for Lu Han.

“I never thought you’d ask for that,” Lu Han says, soft smile settled between surprise and pleasure. “But yes, that can be arranged.”

‘Arranging’ apparently means pushing Jongin down onto Minseok’s bed that instant, a hand on his chest, biting on Jongin’s earlobe. ‘Arranging’ means Lu Han hastily running over and locking the door and straddling Jongin, pinching at his nipples so hard through Jongin’s shirt that he has to bite on his hand to stop from letting out a groan. Lu Han strokes Jongin’s face, one hand resting on the nape of Jongin’s neck, the other tracing patterns down Jongin’s nose and over his mouth. Lu Han’s so close to Jongin’s face that Jongin can feel Lu Han’s breath on his cheek; see the tiny scar on Lu Han’s perfectly pink lips.

Now that Jongin thinks about it, even after so many lessons and so much time alone, they’ve never kissed before. Jongin’s not sure if it’s because Lu Han has wanted to keep that distance between them, and keep a strict student-teacher boundary, or if it is because he himself has been too afraid to break that wall, but in either case, neither of them has initiated anything to date. Lu Han has had that look in his eyes tonight, different from all the other times. Jongin’s already come this far. Tonight’s a good time as any to...

“Can I...” Jongin gulps. “Can I kiss you?” Jongin’s heart stops after he asks, because maybe he’s reading the situation all wrong and that isn’t—

“I don’t know,” Lu Han says simply, and the disappointment threatening to crush Jongin is more than he’d anticipated—until Lu Han grins, the edges of his eyes crinkling, and presses his body flush against Jongin’s. “Can you?”

And then Lu Han’s lips are on his, warm and soft and parting ever so slightly so Jongin can taste him, his breath mildly minty. The room spins for a millisecond, and Lu Han parts his lips more and a hot tongue slides in and Lu Han flicks his tongue along the ridges of the roof of Jongin’s mouth. Jongin’s running out of air fast, but he doesn’t dare to breathe because he doesn’t want to break the spell; doesn’t want this euphoric moment to end.

“You should breathe,” Lu Han mutters, nibbling on Jongin’s lip, and Jongin inhales sharply, the sudden intake of oxygen sending his head spinning. “Through your nose. I don’t want you to suffocate”.

“You’re a good kisser,” Jongin says, pressing his lips against Lu Han’s once more. “Really good.”

“Like I said, I’ve had a lot of practise.” Lu Han’s hand is now reaching down to toy with the edge of Jongin’s t-shirt, and Jongin can feel the tips of Lu Han’s fingers—the same fingers that have been inside him, teasing him to climax—stroking gentle lines and hoisting his shirt up, running over the ridges of Jongin’s abs, ghosting over his nipples. “Have you ever kissed anyone before?”

“No,” Jongin admits, and Lu Han’s eyes go round, for a moment, before he leans down and claims Jongin’s mouth again. There’s something possessive about it, this time, like he’s trying to make sure that Jongin will compare all future kisses to this one and find each and every one of them lacking.

Lu Han takes Jongin’s bottom lip between his teeth, biting gently, then tugs away and lets Jongin’s lip slip through. Jongin makes a keening noise as Lu Han backs away completely, not ready to break contact.

“But if you think that I’m going easy on you tonight,” Lu Han growls, pulling Jongin’s shirt off, “you’re sorely mistaken.”

“Are you implying something there with ‘sorely’?” Jongin mumbles, arching his hips so Lu Han can smooth a thumb over the lines of his hipbones and tug at Jongin’s sweatpants. Lu Han throws both the shirt and pants to the floor, straddling Jongin and taking off his own top.

“Maybe,” Lu Han says. He takes Jongin’s hands in his own, rocking his hips delicately. “Probably.” The friction of Lu Han’s pants against Jongin’s bare cock would be enough to send him over the edge, if Jongin’s hold-out time hadn’t been steadily increasing with each of Lu Han’s ‘lessons’. “Huh, I see you’ve been following instructions. I should reward you, shouldn’t I?”

“Just an attentive student.” Jongin reaches up and grabs Lu Han’s shoulders. “But you’ve been a...good teacher.” He gasps out the last phrase, because Lu Han rolls down teasingly with his hips, just enough that Jongin can feel his hardness.

“I know,” Lu Han says, sounding almost smug. Lu Han sucks on Jongin’s left nipple, a hand stroking the muscles surrounding Jongin’s ribs, a growing bulge digging into Jongin’s stomach. Jongin’s suddenly reminded of the last lesson—and how he had been sure that Lu Han was...hard, by the end of everything, but didn’t dare touch.

“Hyung,” Jongin asks, avoiding looking Lu Han in the eyes. “About last time...” His hand wanders down the space between his and Lu Han’s body, to rub at the protrusion digging into his lower abdomen. “Didn’t you want...relief?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t,” Lu Han murmurs softly. He kisses Jongin and slides off the bed, turning his back to Jongin. “But I dealt with that afterwards myself. I mean, I would’ve liked...help, but it was getting late, and I wasn’t sure if you would be okay with—I didn’t want you to think that was something you had to do—”

“Why wouldn’t I be okay with it?” Jongin sits up, bracing himself on the bed. “You helped me, didn’t you, hyung? I would’ve gladly returned the favour.” He exhales. “I...wanted to return the favour.”

“I guess you can do that now, then,” Lu Han says, unbuttoning his jeans and kicking them off on a pile on the floor. He crawls onto the bed next to Jongin, edging his underwear down so the pink head of his cock peeks up over the elastic, the foreskin pulling back. Jongin’s throat dries up, and he swallows, staring at the precome glistening and leaking out the head of Lu Han’s cock. “Just saying, lesson’s not over. I’m keeping you on a tight leash and grading you on technique.”

Lu Han reclines on the bed, spreading his legs, and Jongin scoots down until his head is between Lu Han’s pale thighs. He tugs at the elastic of Lu Han’s underwear down further, noting the wet patch at the crotch, and watches in fascination as Lu Han’s cock springs out from his briefs, slapping his stomach. Jongin darts his tongue out to lick his lips, then grips Lu Han’s cock with a shaking hand and brings it towards his lips.

Lu Han’s precome tastes salty and slightly tart. Jongin can only work his tongue around the head of Lu Han’s cock the way he remembers Lu Han doing to him, tongue licking and flicking in rings between the head and foreskin, sucking at the swollen head with a gentle pop of the lips. Lu Han groans, and Jongin realises that it’s the first time that he’s elicited any kind of reaction out of Lu Han.

“Am I—”

“Good,” Lu Han encourages, gripping a fistful of Jongin’s hair. His other hand moves to the nape of Jongin’s neck, and Jongin swears he feels that imaginary collar tightening around his neck with every brush of Lu Han’s fingertips. “Good boy. You’ve learnt well.”

The rush of pride Jongin feels at Lu Han’s praise goes straight to his cock. Jongin grips Lu Han’s thighs tighter and laps at Lu Han’s cock, sliding his tongue up and down the shaft and kissing up the underside, blowing on the tip.

Lu Han mutters something in Mandarin that Jongin can’t understand, but it sounds like a curse, so Jongin takes that positively and wraps his lips around Lu Han’s cock, pushing down until the tip of Lu Han’s cock is hitting back of his throat. He chokes, unfamiliar with having something like a dick in his mouth deep enough to gag him, and Lu Han gasps at the sensation.

“Close,” Jongin hears Lu Han murmur, rocking his hips steadily. Jongin swallows around the tip. “So close.” Lu Han grips Jongin’s hair tighter and pulls Jongin’s head back, letting his hard cock out from between Jongin’s lips with a soft plop.


“Not yet,” Lu Han breathes, pushing Jongin to the side. He swings a leg over Jongin and sits on the edge of the bed, eyes closed. “I can’t come yet. Not before you.” Jongin’s lying on his stomach, his cock rubbing against sheets—Minseok’s bedsheets. Lu Han turns back, rubbing and massaging the expanse of skin between Jongin’s shoulderblades. “I want to see you warmed up first, shall we say.”

“You’ve seen me warmed up plenty of times,” Jongin mutters, but he flips around anyway, letting his cock spring up, and Lu Han grins, petting Jongin’s thigh on the sensitive inside, before slipping his hand up up higher and stroking Jongin’s balls. Jongin squeezes his eyes shut, expecting the sensation of Lu Han’s smooth fingers wrapping around his cock at any moment now.

He’s not expecting the sharp tug at his balls.

“Fuck!” Jongin shouts, before clamping a hand over his mouth, because they are in the dorms and their bandmates are right outside the door, and he should be more considerate. He looks down at Lu Han, who’s just there on his knees in between Jongin’s thighs, smiling angelically. Lu Han trails a finger around the area where Jongin’s ballsack connects to his body and then gives another sharp tug. “Holy fuck, hyung, that hurts—”

“As it should,” Lu Han says triumphantly. He cradles Jongin’s balls in the cup of his palms, pulling and rubbing, then dips his head down so he can lick at them. Lu Han takes Jongin’s left ball into his mouth, the hot suctioning heat almost unbearable, and Jongin can feel his precome leaking out the exposed tip of his cock. “Down, boy, keep it down.”

“T-trying,” Jongin moans. It’s hopeless. No matter how much he squeezes and breathes and curls his toes and fists the blankets, the sensation isn’t dying down, and by this point, Lu Han’s got both of Jongin’s balls inside his mouth and the hot wetness of Lu Han lips, of his tongue, is surely driving Jongin to his first climax.

“Wait, this is—” Jongin throws his head back and gasps when Lu Han hums and sucks on his balls particularly hard, “—Minseok-hyung’s bed. Shouldn’t we move to—”

“We’re not doing this on my bed,” Lu Han says firmly, letting Jongin’s balls drop out of his mouth, “unless you want to wash and change my sheets when you shoot ten times over them. And I don’t trust your laundry skills, not from what Kyungsoo’s told me.” Lu Han sniffs. “Also, no one gets in my bed. That’s just the way it is.”


“No whining,” Lu Han commands, drawing circles over Jongin’s abdomen. “Quiet, boy.”

“I’m not—”

Lu Han grabs a Stitch soft toy off his bedside drawer and stuffs it viciously into Jongin’s mouth. The fur and synthetic taste of the plush toy has Jongin gagging involuntarily, tongue dry from the material, and he whines pathetically, his words muffled by the furry obstruction. Lu Han takes a thin belt from the clothing rack and fastens it around Jongin’s mouth, toy and all.

“Much better,” Lu Han says, looking greatly pleased. “You have a very nice gag reflex.” He pushes Jongin’s legs further and further apart, until Jongin’s almost doing the splits. “And those years of dance training really paid off, huh?”

“Mmph—” Jongin starts to reply, but quickly gives up when he realises that he’s completely incomprehensible through the toy. He nods instead, breathing heavily through his nose and shivering at Lu Han’s hands massaging his thighs, tugging his balls away from his body yet again.

Lu Han licks up Jongin’s perineum and sucks both of Jongin’s balls into his mouth. Jongin whimpers, almost a whine, and Lu Han swallows around Jongin’s balls and Jongin lets out a loud, high pitched, keening moan, gripping Lu Han’s hair tightly, hoping that Lu Han understands it’s a signal for “I’m going to fucking blow my load over your face.”

Lu Han understands. He lets Jongin’s balls out of his mouth, tugging them away from Jongin’s body with his hands, and clamps his lips over the tip of Jongin’s cock, giving three little flicks with the tip of his tongue. Jongin shoots straight into Lu Han’s mouth without an ounce of restraint. His whole body convulses, once, twice, and he peeks down to see Lu Han swallowing everything, tongue flicking around Jongin’s cock to lap up the drops that he couldn’t catch inside his mouth.

“We just saved Minseok a trip to the laundry,” Lu Han says after a few quiet moments, licking white strings of come off his lips. “You taste nice.”


“Tell hyung how it was.” Lu Han unbuckles the belt, pulling the Stitch soft toy away from Jongin’s mouth, and Jongin lets out a guttural groan before gasping for air. “Go on, permission to speak. Tell hyung.”

“Good,” Jongin says between gasps. Lu Han bobs his head down and gives Jongin’s raw cock another suck, then leaves Minseok’s bed to pull out a box from under his own bed.

“Only good?” he asks, rummaging through the box. Jongin watches on with part anticipation and part dread, choking out a short protest when Lu Han pulls out what looks like a long, curved black boomerang. “If that’s the case, Jongin-ah, I’m going to have to punish you harder.”

“What is that?” Jongin asks, as Lu Han grabs his ass, massaging it a few times then slapping him sharply, signalling for Jongin to turn around. Jongin obeys dutifully, and Lu Han pushes him down so his face is almost touching the mattress and his ass is up in the air.

“You’ll see,” Lu Han replies playfully. Jongin, unable to see, can only lie there and wait apprehensively, then bite the bedsheets to muffle cries when he feels Lu Han’s hands on his balls again, tugging away, and a cold plastic clamping his balls and cutting into his thighs. Jongin tries to move, tries to straighten his legs or turn around or do something so he can see what Lu Han’s trying to do, but the moment he tries to shift his legs the contraption clamped around his balls tugs them painfully away from his body, and he’s rendered immobile.

Hyung,” Jongin whimpers. He tries to move again, only to be rewarded by another sharp pain in his balls, which travels straight to his cock. He gasps, side of his face pressing into the bedsheets. “Hyung, it—”

“Hurts? Good.” There’s a coolness encircling Jongin’s rim, and Jongin realises that it’s Lu Han’s lubed fingers preparing to torture him some more. “It should.”

“Lu—” Jongin wets his lips with his tongue. Lu Han pushes a finger in, playing with the rim and curling it at the spot that he knows so well now. “L-Lu Han-hyung, I—” Lu Han presses down firmly, and Jongin’s involuntary buckle tugs his balls away sharply. Tears form in the corner of Jongin’s eyes.

“Beg for me,” Lu Han whispers into Jongin’s ear, his chest pressed onto Jongin’s back. Jongin can feel Lu Han’s erection pressing against his ass, and that alone is enough to get him crying out and moaning wantonly.

Lu Han chuckles and pinches Jongin’s ass, wiggling his finger just inside Jongin’s entrance. Before long, the tears are coursing down Jongin’s face unashamedly, dotting the white sheets beneath him.

“Please, hyung, please,” Jongin whines. He’s on the cusp, frustrated, turned on like crazy, yet unable to move from this position. Every time he shifts even slightly, his legs force the humbler outwards and there’s that painful, sharp stretch of his balls by the black plastic clamping his scrotum. “Please.”

“Please what?” Lu Han breathes, a hand snaking around to play with Jongin’s nipples, then drawing figure eights on Jongin’s defined lower torso. “Tell hyung your wish.” Then he hums the melody of Genie, and Jongin can barely form words but Lu Han is singing.

“Please fuck me,” Jongin splutters out, a jolt of electricity running through him at how desperate and dirty he sounds. “Fuck me, hyung, no more teasing, just—”

“Your wish is my command,” Lu Han says, his fingers ghosting over Jongin’s cock before he grips Jongin’s shoulders. Here it is, Jongin thinks to himself, but—

Lu Han drags his nails down Jongin’s back, not hard enough to cut the skin but likely leaving pink lines in his wake, and Jongin hisses at the sting. Then Lu Han’s hands are settling on the globes of his ass, massaging in slow, steady circles. He feels Lu Han drop a kiss, then, on the base of his spine, open-mouthed and wet, and Jongin curls his back like a cat to get closer to the sensation, Lu Han’s chin at the cleft of his ass and lips pressing right above Jongin’s tailbone proving to send more shivers through his body than he could have ever anticipated. The plastic device jostles between his thighs.

Lu Han’s hands still, and he can feel the pads of Lu Han’s fingers gripping him hard enough that he’ll be surprised if there aren’t bruises there, later, and Lu Han pulls his cheeks away from each other. Jongin, if his entire body weren’t already flushed, would probably have gone red now, as he feels Lu Han’s eyes taking him in. It’s totally embarrassing, but Jongin is starting to think maybe, in some ways, he likes to be embarrassed, since it only seems to make him harder.

“Hmm,” Lu Han says, “I’ve got to stretch you out, Jongin-ah.” Jongin’s breath catches, because he knows the feeling of Lu Han’s fingers. He likes that, and the memory of the last time has him leaning a little further down, pushing his ass a little higher into Lu Han’s grip. Lu Han chuckles, withdrawing for a moment, and when he returns, Jongin can hear the crinkling of aluminium, and the sound of scissors way too close to his dick to be okay.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make this as good for you as I can,” Lu Han says. “I’ve gotta get you to relax enough that I don’t hurt you.”

“But the scissors—” Jongin’s trying to form coherent sentences, but it’s difficult when his entire body is thrumming, begging for a release that Lu Han isn’t going to allow. Even though this is not, exactly, a lesson, Lu Han seems to enjoy pushing him to his limits, and Jongin, even though it aches and leaves him wrecked, enjoys it too.

The lubed plastic sticks to his skin with the sweat, and Jongin doesn't understand the point, if Lu Han’s just going to stretch him with fingers, or maybe another of his seemingly endless supply of unusual toys.

Lu Han’s tongue is unexpected. Jongin thinks his eyes are going to pop out of his head at the first firm lick to the rim, a slow circle quickly followed by another, and another. It’s just enough to make his thighs wobble, but at the same time, it’s not nearly enough to satisfy him. “Lu...Han...”

Lu Han laughs, and his breath ghosts across the skin of Jongin’s ass, causing a shiver, and Jongin digs his hands into the sheets, locking his elbows because he’s shaking so much he’s afraid they’ll give out if he doesn’t focus on keeping them straight.

And then Lu Han is spreading him further apart, fingers digging into the flesh of his ass as he makes more room. Jongin feels horribly exposed, but then Lu Han is dipping his tongue inside of him, wriggling inside him in a way he’s done, before, only this time it’s with his plastic sheathed tongue instead of fingers, and it’s hot and slippery and Jongin can’t even process the way the tongue feels along his walls. Lu Han’s tongue is short, but it’s quick and unpredictable, and Jongin doesn’t feel like he’s being stretched as much as he feels like he’s being slicked.

After another couple of minutes of the torture, Lu Han peels off the plastic, and quickly slides his lubed index finger into Jongin. Jongin, who’s been so busy trying to collect himself that he’s dizzy, jolts at the sudden entrance, and one of Lu Han’s hands begins to trace a soothing pattern to the left of his spine. That hand is urgent, the only hint that Lu Han needs this as much as Jongin does, and Jongin thinks maybe that’s why one finger quickly turns to two. That’s fine, Jongin thinks, rocking back toward the intrusion, wishing Lu Han would hurry up.

When Lu Han has three fingers inside of him, he crooks them down, finding Jongin’s prostate easily, remembering just how to quickly turn Jongin into a mess of pants and trembling limbs and need. Lu Han presses his pinky up to Jongin’s rim, but hesitates, changing his mind and instead withdrawing completely, leaving Jongin open and empty, his head pushed into Minseok’s pillow, spit collecting in the corners of his mouth.

“You’ve been good, Jongin-ah,” Lu Han says, voice silky smooth, but his nonchalance is betrayed by those shaking hands. He undoes the humbler and throws it back into the box, and Jongin feels the instant relief of his balls being released from their prison. Jongin stretches his legs out and collapses onto the bed, turning around to lie on his back, weak from the teasing. Lu Han eyes his cock, swollen and red. “Should I give you your reward now? Should I fuck you?”

“Yes,” Jongin breathes. His voice is shaking, and he no longer has anything left in him to hide it. Lu Han tsks, pulling away, and Jongin knows he’s made a mistake with his words. “Yes please, hyung, please—”

“How much do you want it?” Lu Han’s voice is low now, a husky undertone to it. Jongin feels himself hardening to the point where one light touch would set him off.

“I dreamed about it,” Jongin says. He squeezes his eyes shut and wills the feeling away. “I put my own fingers—” He gasps. “I put my own fingers inside but it wasn’t enough—”

“I’ll give you more than enough,” Lu Han says, fumbling for another condom and ripping the packet open with his teeth. He hands Jongin the lubed condom, and Jongin pinches the tip and rolls it down Lu Han’s erection, smoothing it out, just like Joonmyun had taught him, one embarrassing day in July two years ago. “Good boy.”

“I’m always good—”

His sentence is cut off as Lu Han presses in, taking him hard, and Jongin scrambles for something to grab onto as his entire lower body jerks up the bed, Minseok’s silky sheets offering little resistance to the strength of Lu Han’s hips. It’s nothing but gibberish spilling out of his lips as he adjusts to the feeling of fullness that Lu Han’s cock is giving him.

“H-hyung,” Jongin grunts. He hoists his knees back until they’re almost touching his shoulders, ankles slung around Lu Han’s neck. Lu Han looks so divine, sweat matting his forehead, lips parted in a perfect ‘O’ of concentration as he thrusts in once more. “Harder, hyung.”

And Lu Han pulls out and pushes himself in again, leaning down to gently kiss Jongin, and Jongin’s heart stops, because the kiss is so tender and warm compared to the brute harshness of his other actions. Lu Han presses kisses to Jongin’s nose, both of Jongin’s eyelids and licks up Jongin’s jawline, hands wandering all over his chest, before bringing their lips back together.

“M-more,” Jongin whimpers, angling his hips so Lu Han can thrust in even deeper. Lu Han runs a hand up Jongin’s leg, grabbing Jongin’s ankle and pressing his entire body weight into Jongin. Lu Han’s lips are soft and pliant, sucking the breath out of Jongin, and when Lu Han thrusts in once more, tip of his cock sliding up against that glorious spot inside Jongin, Jongin tightens his sphincter muscle, and—

Lu Han shivers, breaking their kiss, a moan escaping his lips. He bucks his hips in and out several times in quick succession, and Jongin knows that Lu Han’s come undone inside him. Jongin loops his arms around Lu Han’s neck and crushes their lips together, rocking the bed frantically, matching Lu Han’s shallow thrusting.

“I-I—” Jongin cuts himself off with a whine as Lu Han pushes himself away from Jongin and pulls out, stimulating Jongin’s prostate in the process. Lu Han moistens his swollen lips with the tip of his tongue, peeling the condom off his own cock, and. “Hyung, can I—”

“You’ve been good,” Lu Han says, hand curled around Jongin’s cock, a finger on the other hand reaching inside Jongin’s well-fucked hole and massaging upwards, at Jongin’s most sensitive area, which already feels overstimulated and on the edge of painful. He presses once, fingers simultaneously flipping the sensitive foreskin over the head of Jongin’s cock. “You can come, but make it loud.”

The last of Jongin’s restraint dissolves and he grips Lu Han’s strong shoulders, Lu Han’s tousled hair, arching upwards and letting out a long, broken cry as he comes and comes and comes, riding the top of a massive wave, ropes of white spurting out and attaching to Lu Han’s face, chest, and his own body in sticky, hot strings.

It takes a while to come down from his high. It takes a while, lying there spent, every fibre of his body still riding on the crests of his post-orgasm wave.

“Oh,” Lu Han says, inspecting the creamy white come dotting Minseok’s pillow and sheets. He grins, lying next to Jongin and pressing a chaste kiss to the corner of Jongin’s lips. “Seems like Minseok might have to make a trip to the laundry after all.”

>> part iv



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