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title: you look cute
rating: pg
pairing: kai/chanyeol
notes: written for nav in twitlonger, lol, and fulfilling the "opportunity" square on fluff bingo! (700 words)
notes ii: i apologize for the lapslock! i am on my phone! 

jongin growls as chanyeol pulls the hat down onto his head, the ear flaps brushing soft across jongin's cheeks. "don't you look cute?" chanyeol teases, letting his thick fingers linger near jongin's neck as jongin tries to shift away.

"i'm not cute," jongin mutters, swatting chanyeol's hands away and flushing as chanyeol laughs. "stop with your stupid laugh."

"you're so cute," chanyeol replies, reaching up to adjust his own hat. his curls sneak out from under the fur, and jongin thinks that if anyone looks, well, cute, it's chanyeol.

not that he'd ever tell him that. "shut up."

chanyeol just laughs louder, flashing white, white teeth, his full lower lip glistening with the thin layer of gloss the makeup woman had applied while chanyeol's left eye had twitched at her. (jongin hadn't liked the way her hand had stayed too long on chanyeol's cheek, but he'd never tell chanyeol that either.) "you like it."

"like what?" jongin tries to keep his voice neutral, but chanyeol's smile turns from playful to smug, and jongin flushes because it's embarrassing that lately, chanyeol's been able to read him like a book. jongin still can't read chanyeol most times, except when chanyeol flinches back sadly because jongin's too-quick beating heart and jumbled up feelings make him speak before he thinks.

"the hats," chanyeol says. "my hat."

jongin does. he thinks chanyeol usually looks a little like an angel (a hyperactive, twitchy angel with a really sinful voice), and the hat makes jongin think about mortifying things, like his and chanyeol's long legs tangling together in front of a fireplace as chanyeol tries to feed him marshmallows out of his mug of hot chocolate. maybe jongin would nuzzle his nose into the weave of a thick sweater, and chanyeol would make fun of him, and jongin wouldn't mind because endearments aren't so bad when they're said in chanyeol's low voice against the sensitive shell of his ear. "don't be stupid." he pauses. "more stupid than usual."

chanyeol looks left and then right down the empty hallway, before he shoves jongin back against the wall, slipping his thigh between jongin's and effectively trapping him. "you're probably thinking something romantic~"

"chanyeol, i swear, if you don't-"

"i know, because you're blushing," chanyeol says, and jongin is going to protest that he doesn't blush, because he doesn't, but then chanyeol takes the rare opportunity offered by the empty hall and kisses him, softly, and jongin, against his will, is melting into it.

chanyeol's kisses are always soft, like he's afraid if he tries to take too much jongin is going to run away. but as much as jongin growls and mumbles and complains about chanyeol's clumsy limbs taking up his space or loud voice ruining his hard-earned quiet, jongin isn't going anywhere.

jongin winds a hand into the hair at the nape of chanyeol's neck, careful not to pull loose the carefully crafted curls. he can taste that nasty lipgloss as he kisses chanyeol back harder, sucking his lower lip into his mouth and stealing chanyeol's breath.

a noise, and they're pulling apart. "you're blushing even more, now," chanyeol says, and jongin wonders if it's normal to want to punch someone and kiss them at the same time, or if this is just something else that is uniquely jongin and chanyeol, two opposites that can't help but come together like errant refrigerator magnets.

"one day i'll smother you in your sleep," jongin says, as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. it comes away shiny with chanyeol's gloss.

"your hat is crooked," chanyeol says, a little quieter than usual, and jongin, this time, says nothing as he straightens it. "you look really cute like that."

he's not joking, this time. not trying to make jongin flush like a schoolgirl. jongin so rarely sees chanyeol be honest with him like this. he thinks he likes it.

"so do you," jongin says, pushing off from the wall and brushing past chanyeol so chanyeol can't see his mortified face.

chanyeol backhugs him and prevents him from escaping to set just yet. "aww," chanyeol says, pressing their cheeks together. "i like you, too."

"shut up, shut up, shut up," jongin says, but his heart flutters in his chest.

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