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title: you look cute
rating: pg
pairing: kai/chanyeol
notes: written for nav in twitlonger, lol, and fulfilling the "opportunity" square on fluff bingo! (700 words)
notes ii: i apologize for the lapslock! i am on my phone! 

"you look cute" )

Title: Sunsets (and Sunrises)
Pairing: Zitao/Kris, but mostly friendship
Rating: kids allowed
Summary: prompt: "taoris in america I DON’T KNOW, MAIA, WHATEVER."
Notes: A fluffy nonsense drabble for [ profile] buzzbird because I know how much she loves fluffy nonsense, now ._____. i tried to not use the metric system, haha.
Notes ii: Happy Birthday, Linda!! Thank you for being unwaveringly kind to me and supportive always. During the periods when I forget that the reason I write is for myself and my closest friends, and I get really down about myself and want to give up, you’re always there to remind me that to you, I will always be good enough. Thank you for holding my hand through three fandoms now, and I adore you. And obviously, you should also expect a letter in the mail, but that might take a bit longer to get to there from here.

"You've got-" )

junmyeon/yixing, nc-17, 1046 words. (for nav and kendra, "lay has been secretly seducing him bc he has a thing for leaders rofl")

"i've got a thing for leaders" )

kris/lay, pg, 684 words (for nav, "huddling for warmth")

"are you still cold?" )

gri, r, 475 words, au (for moresparkles, gri highschool au)
"I saw your pics on Facebook" )

krisyeol, r?, 1411 words (for nav, genderswap krisyeol) #f_b

At first, he's not sure he's actually awake. )

No warnings, only fluff!!!

Fandoms I'm going to be participating with:


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All the warnings, basically. 

Fandoms I'm going to be participating with:


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Title: Second Best
Pairing: Tegomass
Rating: R plus, lol
Warnings: Crack, Massu’s hard life, Tegoshi.
Notes: Crack-porn. Because I had a million ideas for what to write [ profile] ryogrande for the ‘so-homo kurisumasu fanfic exchange’ but this is what happened. I’d apologize, but I’m not actually sorry. This is PWP, basically. I don’t need a plot. Plots are for suckers.
Other Notes: Guys. GUYS. Christmas is a time of love and stuff. I have a lot of love for [ profile] ryogrande. No-homo. OR SO HOMO?! Ri and I don't need to get each other for hols to write each other fanfic, basically. Thus was born the 'SO-HOMO'   KURISUMASU FANFIC EXCHANGE. Because, well, she's awesome, and fun, and cool, and a million trillion other wonderful adjectives, and the only way I know how to show her how much I appreciate that, on the birthday of Jesus, is in filthy Tegoshi dub-con. I'm broken, but she likes me anyway! See?! She's a lovely lady, who I am honored to know, and who I'm looking forward to exchanging homo things with in the coming year. MERRI KURISUMASU. I love you like Kame loves denim, like Ryo loves being a dick, like Jin just loves dick.

It's tiring to masturbate to your own reflection every day… sometimes you have to settle for something almost as good, just for a little variety. )

Title: Happy Moments (In Between)
Pairing: Bemu + Natsume
Summary: It's enough.
Notes: this is in response to a comment on [ profile] elanielyn's wonderful ficlet here, where she responded to my sobs and tears with "We have to make do with the happy moments here and there," which, obviously, left me sobbing on the floor.

in between )
10Genres meme
ten genres, 1 (más o menos) sentence each...given a pairing or character.
Warnings: one of the pairings is a little iffy. You'll know it when you see it.

Read more... )

I guess if more people ask I'll update the master post, but I'm tentatively feeling done with this meme? Lol.
Give me a person or pairing and I will write one sentence (or so) of ten genres for them. The genres are:

1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack
4. Future fic
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Humor
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST

Stolen from the whole Internet, but it looked fun?

Straight out of my notebook! I doodled all day in my notebook, trying to think of what to do with [ profile] wintersdancer 's prompt of "Shirota Yu wrapped up in a red ribbon" (as in: "Hey, what do you want for your birthday?" "Shirota Yu wrapped up in some red ribbon. But you probably mean fic.")

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Here are 2 colored versions of this drawing. In the end, I think I might still prefer the b&w sketch, at least until I have my copics ~~

Colored )
Title: No Homo
Pairing: Pin
Rating: NC-17
For INP (prompt page) and INP Masterlist 
Summary: Jin thinks Yamapi looks good naked/ Jin cree que Yamapi se ve sexy desnuda (en una forma completa y totalmente heterosexual, por supuesto.)
Notas: Este es mi fic "No Homo" en espanyol, for INP (6/9). Es un Podfic. Yo tengo un acento muy fuerte, así q traté de hablar con claridad, pero aún estoy difícil de entender, incluso para otros hablantes nativos. He utilizado una gran parte de mi jerga nativa en lugar del espanyol estándar, sólo para ser interesante, ya q mucha gente se hace espanyol, así que disfruta el acento de mi barrio. : D También he perdido un poco la voz... lo siento por el sonido.

To download:

No Homo (mediafire)
For [ profile] agustin1982 



Yamapi's hands fumbled with the keys when they got back to the apartment, but after 3 tries he finally managed to open the door. He walked in, and Jin followed closely behind him. Jin started to take off his shoes, but felt Yamapi grab a fistful of his t-shirt and pull him into an open mouthed kiss, kicking the door closed behind them.

Jin broke away first. "So we ate hamburgers."

"You," Yamapi growled, "are wearing entirely too many clothes."

This is how I would start, were I to write more.



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