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Title: Take the Pressure
Rating: F for FILTHY
Pairing: Sehun/Baekhyun/Kai
Notes: Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. (([livejournal.com profile] hyperlydian revenge porn)) (3.3k)
Warnings: double penetration square for kink_bingo, not beta'd, this is really like, just gratuitous, i'm on medication for flu so, CAN'T BE TAMED, etc.

Sehun laughs as Jongin shoves him back onto the bed, looking frustrated. "Did you think that was cute?" Jongin says, attempting to sound angry, but ending up with whiny instead. "Sliding your foot up my thigh while our manager was trying to give us our schedule?"

"Cute?" Sehun laughs again, and it's times like these that Jongin remembers his best friend is a complete dick. "Not cute. Maybe sexy."

Jongin slides an impatient hand up Sehun's shirt, dragging the material up with it, leaving Sehun's stomach bared as his fingertips skate across ribs. Sehun smirks, but Jongin can see the quiver of his shoulders as Jongin dips his head lower and bites at the skin, right next to his belly button. "You couldn't be sexy if you tried," Jongin replies, and purposefully doesn't think about hip thrusts or black jeans or the way Sehun can't keep his tongue in his mouth.

"Oh?" Sehun asks, a little breathless, and Jongin chokes back a swear word as Sehun grabs him right between the thighs. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Jongin moans, and then he's biting down on Sehun's neck, right where his neck meets his shoulder, and the noise Sehun makes is definitely, definitely sexy, not that Jongin would ever admit it. Sehun and Jongin don’t have a thing. They are best friends who give each other hand jobs after performances and sometimes make out on Junmyeon’s bed because they know he’d be pissed if he ever found out.

The key to keeping things good is that Jongin doesn’t tell Sehun that he fantasizes about his mouth sometimes, when he’s in bed by himself, biting down on his lip so that Kyungsoo won’t figure out what his hand is doing beneath the covers.

Jongin muffles his moan into Sehun’s shoulder as Sehun starts to stroke him over his jeans, pressing just enough to tease, and Jongin pushes his hips down as he nibbles at Sehun’s soft, slightly salty skin. Sehun’s tiny gasps sound like hiccups, and Jongin adores them, mostly because he knows how embarrassed Sehun is that he makes them at all.

There's a knock on the door and Jongin freezes, scrambling up off of Sehun to lay next to him on the bed, pulling his sweatshirt down to cover his obvious erection.

"Y-Yes?" Sehun queries, his voice shaking as he rolls over onto his stomach and tries to catch his breath.

It’s Baekhyun who peeks his head through the door. "You guys might want to keep it down," he says. "The walls are kind of thin."

It’s mortification that creeps up Jongin’s throat from stomach. "Shut up," Jongin says, feeling himself go red, as he realizes that he and Sehun are not fooling anyone. He wants to cover his face with his hands, but he needs them to keep his sweatshirt pulled down.

"Or," Baekhyun says, "we could make things a little louder." Jongin's eyes go wide as Baekhyun smirks. Baekhyun steps into the room, and Jongin looks over at Sehun, who looks a little less surprised at this turn of events than Jongin had expected.

"Um," Jongin says, and Baekhyun smiles with all his teeth.

If Jongin thought he was hard before, things have gotten a bit worse for him now.

"A little louder?" Sehun teases, and Jongin thinks he's missing something.

"You're such a screamer," Sehun says, like he’s speaking from experience, and Baekhyun’s gleaming eyes confirm that this isn’t just idle banter.

"But who’s the one who likes to beg?" Baekhyun replies, and the mental images Jongin's getting from this are enough to fuel his wank fantasies for weeks. Months. Years, maybe, because he'd be lying if he said he'd never imagined what Baekhyun would look like sliding into Sehun, sliding into Jongin, as either of them pleaded for more.

Baekhyun's hands drop to the button of his trousers. "No one else will be home for an hour," Baekhyun says casually, like he isn’t proposing a threesome, and then he undoes them.

Jongin swallows, hard, and cups himself through his jeans. "O-okay," Jongin says, and at his acquiescence, Sehun rolls on top of him and kisses him, mouth as soft as it had been the last few times they fooled around. Then there's a weight at the end of the bed, and Sehun's moving back so that Baekhyun can take his place. Baekhyun's mouth is not soft; he kisses hard, like he's trying to tell Jongin that if Jongin thinks he's going to be running anything, he's got another thing coming. Jongin is... completely okay with that, and easily surrenders to Baekhyun's kiss.

Sehun's hand, in the meantime, cleverly unbuttons and slips into Jongin's jeans, and Jongin suddenly has the sneaking suspicion that Sehun and Baekhyun have pulled this tag-teaming trick before, on other members of their band.

He wonders if they've both trapped Chanyeol just like this, sitting on either side of him as they slowly pulled him to pieces, Sehun murmuring filthy things into his ear as Baekhyun drove him mad with careful touches.

The thought, surprisingly, makes him even harder, and before he can speculate on why, Sehun gets a good grip on his dick. Baekhyun's lips travel away from his and nip down his neck, and Jongin tries to pay attention but there’s too much happening at once. There’s a clicking noise, and Jongin wonders if he’d left a piece of jewelry in the bed, neglecting to put it on his dresser. He loses track of the thought as Baekhyun back away, licking his lips. Jongin tries to follow, but Baekhyun pushes on his chest with a light chuckle.

"Are you going to behave?" Baekhyun asks pleasantly, and Jongin doesn't get it at first, only then he tries to touch Sehun's hair and realizes his left hand is shackled to the bedpost.

"W-what are you doing?" A moment of panic, before he reminds himself that this is Baekhyun and Sehun, and as confusing as this turn of events is, he trusts them. That calms him enough that he can clear his mind, testing the strength of the cuff with tentative jerks. “Guys?”

Baekhyun grins as Sehun laughs. "We’re making a little more noise," Baekhyun answers, and Jongin barely blinks before he finds himself on his stomach. There’s a second, somewhat ominous, click, as Sehun snaps his right wrist with another set of handcuffs to the same post. Jongin isn't quite sure he signed up for this, but as Sehun pulls down his jeans and underwear in a single jerk, Jongin is not sure he minds being outmaneuvered.

“Where did the handcuffs even come from?” Jongin asks, with less hysteria than he feels, and then Baekhyun is pulling up on his hips, so that Jongin is up on his knees. He kicks off his jeans as Baekhyun smoothes a hand up his back, under his sweatshirt, along the vertebrae of his spine.

“The same place as I got the lube,” Baekhyun replies, and Jongin doesn’t need to see Baekhyun to hear the smirk. Sehun’s hand is around his cock again now, and Jongin groans, long and low, at the feeling of Sehun’s cool fingers around him. “My impressive collection.”

Jongin had always wondered what was in that large cardboard box under Baekhyun’s bed, but he’d never had the guts to ask.

“Relax,” Sehun says, as there’s the pop of a lid, and Jongin’s heart is hammering in his chest as, in this moment of stillness, everything catches up to him. He feels vulnerable like this, ass in the air as Baekhyun and Sehun loom behind him, unable to change positions or see what’s happening, vision blocked by Sehun’s chest. He thinks it should be scary, but it’s not. Sehun’s got one hand on his hip now, and his touch, at least, is familiar and comforting. Jongin focuses on the way Sehun’s thumb rubs slow circles into his pelvic bone as the other reaches underneath to stroke Jongin to full hardness. Jongin’s still wearing his sweatshirt, but he’s cold.

And then Jongin’s breath hitches again as he feels a finger pressing against his entrance, cool and slippery. “I-“

Baekhyun pauses, and Jongin bites down on his lip hard enough to bleed in anticipation. “Are you going to behave?” Baekhyun asks again, and this time there’s a promise in the question; one that has Jongin almost wanting to say ’no’ just to see what happens. Instead he just nods his head furiously as Sehun snickers.

“Is this sexy enough for you, Jongin?” Sehun asks, and if Jongin could move his hands he’d flip Sehun off, but then Sehun rubs his palm around the tip of his cock, smearing precome, and all Jongin can do is whimper.

As he exhales, Baekhyun takes the opportunity to slip a finger inside him, and Jongin jerks away from it, into Sehun’s loose fist. It’s been awhile since he’s had anything inside him; maybe it hasn’t happened since that time he and Taemin had experimented with those dildos Taemin had bough in Japan, and that had been almost a year ago now. Jongin swallows the spit that’s collected in his mouth as Baekhyun starts to slowly pump a single finger in and out.

Sehun presses kisses to Jongin’s ear and jaw, mumbling encouragement into Jongin’s cheek as he slowly pulls with long, excruciatingly slow strokes on Jongin’s dick. Jongin can feel Sehun’s erection pressing into bare thigh as Baekhyun carefully pushes in a second finger, working Jongin further open.

The room is filled with Jongin’s heavy breaths, and Baekhyun starts singing as he adds a third finger. “You looks so lovely,” Baekhyun coos. “Sehun was right. You do flush so pretty when you want it.”

Jongin hates the way Baekhyun’s words make his cock jump; the way heat coils like an agitated cobra in the pit of his stomach as Sehun brings both of his hands up to grab Jongin’s cheeks and pull him into a kiss.

Jongin kisses him hungrily as Baekhyun’s other hand, the one not three, four? Fingers deep in him, starts mindlessly running patterns up Jongin’s thigh.

“Can you take more?” Baekhyun says, and Jongin tries to say yes, but Sehun is sucking on his tongue and digging his bony fingers into Jongin’s scalp. Jongin thinks the question might be rhetorical anyway, as Baekhyun squeezes more lube down the crack of his ass and Jongin feels the breach of Baekhyun’s thumb.

“Oh,” Jongin huffs, as Sehun licks one last time at the roof of his mouth and breaks away, long string of saliva between them as he pulls back and smirks. It’s same look he gave Jongin the one time he’d let Jongin fuck him; Sehun had shoved him down and rode him until he’d started to see double and Jongin had never felt in less control in his life.

“You take my fingers so well,” Baekhyun says, and the way it’s bordering on condescending makes Jongin’s cock throb. Jongin has never felt so full, stretched beyond anything he’s ever felt before, everything a mix of Sehun’s fingers tugging at his hair and Baekhyun’s fingers pushing deeper inside him with every thrust. “Do you take cock this well?”

Jongin whines as Baekhyun begins to curl his fingers down, straight into the spongy area that makes Jongin’s thoughts go hazy. “More,” he says, and Sehun kisses the tip of his nose.

“See?” Sehun says to Baekhyun, and Jongin can’t see Baekhyun’s face at all, but he can feel Baekhyun, and knows it’s Baekhyun’s slim, agile fingers that are digging into his prostate relentlessly, until Jongin’s thighs shake with the effort of holding himself up.

“I’m going to-“ Jongin says, and he feels so close to the edge, tentatively balanced on the precipice of orgasm, and he thinks one touch to his dick and he’d come.

Baekhyun seems to have other plans, pulling his fingers free and leaving Jongin feeling open and empty and unsatisfied. “Not like that,” Baekhyun says. “We’ve got too many plans.” He pats Jongin’s hip fondly, like Jongin is a particularly pliant pet, and Jongin’s wrists are starting to hurt as he sags into his restraints. “Sehun?”

Sehun moves then, and he can hear Baekhyun shifting aside to make space for Sehun behind Jongin. Jongin sighs with relief when he hears Sehun’s zipper, and Sehun’s hands grip is hips hard as he positions his cock right where Jongin wants him.

“Not even a little bit sexy, Jongin?” Sehun asks, and Jongin hisses at him. Sehun presses against Jongin, but doesn’t push in, and Jongin tries to move his hips back to take him, but Sehun clicks his teeth.

“You’re such an asshole,” Jongin says, and he’s desperate for it; wants Sehun to slam inside him and fill the space the Baekhyun’s made for him. Jongin wants to come, too, preferable before their bandmates come home.

“I’m being cute,” Sehun says. “If you want something, you’d better ask for it.”

Baekhyun rubs his hand along Jongin’s thigh again. “Now, Sehun, please ?”

Sehun thrusts in, hard, and Jongin’s moan comes from deep in his chest as the emptiness his filled. “Fast,” Jongin says, because he knows what he wants and he’s past feeling embarrassed.

“Sure,” Sehun says, ramming Jongin’s prostrate with every quick thrust, and Baekhyun’s laughter fills the room as Jongin’s gasps mix with Sehun’s hiccups.

Jongin pants in frustration when Sehun stops, but then he freezes as he feels Baekhyun’s fingers where Sehun is inside him, rubbing at the rim as Sehun starts moving again, just shallowly enough to miss Jongin’s prostate. Baekhyun’s cautious, but Jongin can feel every miniscule slide of Baekhyun’s digits, and he keens high in the back of his throat as Baekhyun works one of them inside of him, alongside Sehun’s penis. He can feel it as it struggles to move, constricted because Jongin is already so very full. But soon Baekhyun’s finger is moving along with Sehun, as Jongin clenches his eyes shut and tries to breathe.

Then Baekhyun is adding another finger, and Jongin tries to relax, to make more room even though there isn’t any, and Baekhyun sighs his appreciation. “You’re so good,” Baekhyun murmurs, and Jongin can imagine Baekhyun’s eyes, heavy lidded, and Sehun’s parted lips, that damned tongue sneaking out to wet them as he tries not to just give in and fuck Jongin until he comes.

Jongin wishes he had something to hold onto. Anything, as Baekhyun pushes wriggles in a third finger and wraps those long fingers around Jongin’s cock.

And Jongin starts pushing back, not sure if he wants more or less, torn between pushing into Baekhyun’s fist or back where he’s being stretched so thoroughly he’s afraid to inhale; like there’s not enough room in his body for oxygen because he’s so full of cock and fingers that air won’t fit.

The fingers are gone then, and Sehun slams into him hard, once, then twice, and Jongin’s brought once again to edge, and once again, he’s left hanging there as Sehun stops. “Almost there,” Sehun says, and sweat drips into Jongin’s eyes and he’s not sure how he hasn’t fallen yet, his legs feeling like jelly and his knees burning from the rub of the sheets.

“What are you-“ Jongin almost screams as the head of Baekhyun’s cock pushes against his hole, and he wants to touch himself but he can’t, his wrists still cuffed, metal rubbing the skin raw behind the bone. “Oh my god, are you really going to-“

“Can you take it?” Baekhyun asks, and he pushes forward a little more, and Jongin wonders if he’s going to split in two.

“Yes,” he says, or maybe he moans it, because as soon as he gets out the first syllable of consent, Baekhyun is slowly inching his way in. It burns, more than it’s ever burned before, but Baekhyun is careful, and Sehun is still, rubbing at Jongin’s hips and fisting Jongin’s cock as Jongin does his best not to pass out at the pressure.

He can hear Sehun’s low grunts as he runs a hand up and down Jongin’s side mindlessly, and Baekhyun’s tiny groans as he tries to fit.

Baekhyun barely gets the head in before he stops, pulling back. Jongin shakily takes a breath, and then feels the drip of more lube, and then Baekhyun is pressing again, more firmly, and Jongin clenches his eyes shut as tightly as he’s got his jaw clenched. It’s almost unbearable, but Baekhyun’s cock is pushing Sehun’s into Jongin’s prostate, a constant pressure that has Jongin almost crying with the need to come.

“Please,” Jongin whines, and then Baekhyun’s in as far as he can go, and Jongin shakes at the combination of pain and pleasure and disbelief. “Please.”

When they move, finally, after several agonizing moments of stillness where Jongin can feel every vein and every beat of Sehun and Baekhyun’s pulses as they try to let him adjust, Jongin loses his ability to think, consumed in the way it feels to have them both moving inside him, out of sync and jerky as he squeezes them so tight they can barely pull out. He’s never been so full in his life, and he feels like he’s short circuiting. Everything turns into a hazy quest for climax, Jongin trembling as he feels the stretch so completely it consumes him.

“I-“ Jongin says, but he can’t speak past the wrecked sobs. Sehun’s thrusts are getting erratic, and Baekhyun’s slow thrusts are tellingly speeding up as well, until it’s too sloppy for Jongin to remember who is where or even how long he’s been here beneath them. The alternating push-pull behind him is finally too much, and Jongin explodes, coming so hard he loses track of everything but the whiteness behind his eyes.

When he comes to again, he can feel Baekhyun and Sehun's release slipping down the backs of his thighs, and Baekhyun is petting him comfortingly as Sehun unfastens the handcuffs.

“You got cum all over my bed,” Sehun says, as Baekhyun carefully pulls Jongin onto his back. “Definitely not sexy.”

Baekhyun laughs, and reaches over to the bedside table for tissues, wiping at Jongin’s stomach and thighs, pulling his sweatshirt down from where it had ridden up, and Jongin’s still trying to gather his breath and his sanity at Sehun rubs at his duvet with another tissue. “You need to wash them anyway,” Baekhyun says. “It’s been a couple of weeks.”

“What-“ What just happened? is what Jongin wants to ask, except he can’t seem to summon words at the moment. His entire body aches, and oh, he’s going to be sore tonight, and he’s thankful they’ve got tomorrow off and he doesn’t have to dance.

“Did it live up to your shower fantasies?” Baekhyun asks, smiling innocently down at Jongin like he’s talking about the weather.

“Um,” Jongin says, and he’s not quite sure how to respond.

The door opens again, and Jongin feels his heartbeat, which had slowly been settling, race back to the speed of a cornered rabbit. “Sehun, are you-“

Junmyeon stops in the doorway, blinking round, surprised eyes as he takes in his three trouser-less friends lying spent and tangled on a bed far to small for them.

Jongin feels himself sinking into a pit of abject mortification, because it’s one thing for Junmyeon to know he and Sehun make out sometimes and another for him to know Jongin has unexpected kinky threesomes, but Junmyeon just raises an eyebrow at Baekhyun. “Branching out?”

“Well, you know how it is,” Baekhyun says, hand still combing soothingly through Jongin’s hair. “I get bored.”

Junmyeon sighs, before he looks Jongin up and down curiously, and the look of mild interest in his eyes makes Jongin’s cock twitch. “I see,” Junmyeon says, and Sehun laughs so loud Jongin wants to punch him in the face.

His best friend is an asshole.

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YES GOOD. i didn't know i wanted in charge baekhyun so much

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m-maia ilu


please join us in a threesome

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Baekhyun in charge is very wonderful. In fact, all of this is wonderful. Handcuffs and DP and Jongin's mortification and Baekhyun in charge. #ohmyheart

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and ooohhhhhh dominant baekhyun<3
stop writing perfect things i can't handle it //clutches at chest

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I really wish I hadn't read this before I left the house this morning because I did *not* need to be imagining it during my SQL Server course today. #liferuiner

Although Jongin in handcuffs was definitely more interesting than parts of the course...

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HAHAHAHA ((omg mec i cried while writing this))

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oh god oh god oh god!!!! O_O
this was really really good smut....
I mean the threesome itself is pretty fucking sexy, but all those small sidehints are the parts that really made me hot!! O_O I mean... the chanyeol/sehun/baekhyun idea? or baekhyun/sehun? and then suho at the end? suho/baekhyun? I mean... does baekhyun fuck around whole exo or what? Are you trying to imply some exo orgies here?? if yes, THEN PLEASE WRITE IT!!!! I want all of them! suho/jongin/baekhyun/sehun/... you get the idea? :D We are one, and all this stuff, kay? :D

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:D :D :D

I'm pretty sure in my headcanon exo is a giant orgy and xinglu just take pictures and make out.

thank you for reading!!!! <3

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... I spilled my drink half way.... fuck THATWASGREAT ?!?!

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:D :D :D I'm glad you liked it!!

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I'd like to think Jongin was missing out on a lot of humping activities in the dorm until the master by the name of Baekhyun finally gives him his initiation rite with the help of his asshole of a bestfriend.

I didn't expect it to turn out like this. With Jongin having to deal with 2-in-1. That is... my first. Yes, I'm new. lol
Baekhyun & his collection. Win.

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I'm... new too. When I saw that square on my kink_bingo card I legit went O.O

:D :D Still! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I did too!! :D :D

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Junmyeon is all just *sigh* Again?

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i know, suho's hard life.

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I love him in charge!! Baekhyun/Dominance OTP~!!!

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(<3 <3)

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Mara has been wanting me to read this for weeks as well as other friends on my t-list who read it as well. Since they all know my hormones are constantly on overdrive because of 12 boys that are way out of my league. Plus the kinky shit I like.

And the kinky shit in this fic. And kinky shit I'll definitely buy in Japan.

Goal: To get my own collection of lube to hide under my bed.

Date: 2012-11-05 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] veessentielle.livejournal.com
Wait, that's not even a comment. Just goals.

Holy fucking shit. Double penetration. Yes. I want. (in rl)

Junmyeon finding out. Priceless.

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] maayacola.livejournal.com - Date: 2012-11-21 12:50 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2012-11-09 10:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] g-odalisque13.livejournal.com
i'm definitely supposed to be proof-reading my own shit, but i got bored of dicks so...i decided to read about them...instead...
hmm...i don't think that makes sense but oh well.
b/c this was djgnvrjngtr
and kjfnrhjbvjrbhjkrthe
and idek what to say besides that honestly
b/c bottom, submissive, begging jongin is dhbgvfhd
and in charge baekhyun is the best
and i really need to stop keysmashing
loved. this.

Date: 2012-11-21 12:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maayacola.livejournal.com
"i got bored of dicks" what language is this i need a translator.

i want kai to beg 24 hours a day 7 days a week i tell you what.

and i want baekhyun to make someone beg 24 days a week.

<3 <3 thank you for reading! :D :D

Date: 2012-11-12 08:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] selayne.livejournal.com
This is the reality didn't know I wanted.
They are best friends who give each other hand jobs after performances and sometimes make out on Junmyeon’s bed because they know he’d be pissed if he ever found out. ahahahahah this
He wonders if they've both trapped Chanyeol just like this, sitting on either side of him as they slowly pulled him to pieces, Sehun murmuring filthy things into his ear as Baekhyun drove him mad with careful touches. ugh yes please
Junmyeon sighs, before he looks Jongin up and down curiously, and the look of mild interest in his eyes makes Jongin’s cock twitch. “I see,” Junmyeon says, and Sehun laughs so loud Jongin wants to punch him in the face. everyone in exo is fucking and nothing hurts and nope I don't like exposure/humiliation nope what are you talking about *cough*

Date: 2012-11-21 12:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maayacola.livejournal.com

thank you for reading ~~ <3 <3

(no one likes exposure humiliation kink NO ONE I TELL YOU except me i really like it)

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From: [identity profile] selayne.livejournal.com - Date: 2012-11-21 08:48 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2012-11-14 08:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] merokoo.livejournal.com
OAKDSJDBSADSAJ so how to give a proper comment...

Date: 2012-11-21 12:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maayacola.livejournal.com
:D :D :D

thank you for reading, glad you enjoyed baekhyun's devious goals ;)




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